Tucked away warmly in the lap of Eastern Himalayas, surrounded by China in the North and India in South, east and west, lays Bhutan, “The Land of Thunder dragon”.

Famous in the world as “The Last Shangri-La” due to its pristine and unexploited environment, Bhutan has truly been blessed with invaluable cultural and spiritual heritage. From the traditional garments to the prayer flags, from their rich cultural environment to their intact natural environment, from religious dances to folk lore, everything in Bhutan has unique background and unique setting. It seems like a miracle when we see that in this modernized world where4 modernization has crept into everything and modified it, the Bhutanese culture and traditional lifestyles are still intact.

Bhutan is every trekker’s paradise and each Environmental Conservationists’ dream. 72% of the total land area covered with forests, the wide valleys and high mountains of this region boast of incredible biodiversity making it one of the world’s ten most important biodiversity hotspots.

Besides, it is one of the 221 global endemic bird areas. Blessed with pristine environment, it serves as a home to most exotic species of the Eastern Himalayas including 770 species of birds, 50 species of Rhododendrons, verities of medicinal plants and orchids and some rare and endangered floras and faunas.

As a spiritual and holy land where ancient Buddhism still lives in the form of Vajrayana stream of Mahayana Buddhism, Bhutan has perfectly balanced ancientness with the modernization by slowly opening up to the modern world by adopting controlled tourism and development policy.

For the travelers who are in Bhutan, numbers of varying activities are available ranging from snowmen trek to kayaking down the Mochu river, from witnessing religious dances during auspicious Tsechus to immersing oneself in the beauty of majestic mountains during mountain flights in Druk Air.

Visit to Bhutan is not just an ordinary experience, it is a journey of lifetime in which enchants you with its beauty, entertains you with fun and enlightens you with knowledge at the same time. It is a mystical journey that leaves you wanting more of it.

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