Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal
Hiking in Nepal

Dwelling around nature’s gift is something that makes you feel connected with the earthy vibes and rejuvenates your soul……

Hiking in Nepal is one of the popular outdoor activities which refer to walking in the natural environment. It is carried out mostly in mountainous or hilly region.

Nepal, standing aloft and high with eight of the world's ten highest peaks including Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world is rich in natural as well as geographical diversity. Nepal has an incredible landscape made up of Terai or Flat River plain of the Ganges in south, hills in the centre region and Himalayas in north which plays an important role in making Nepal the ultimate destination for hikers. Nepal has some of the best hiking routes in the world, extending to and around the world's highest mountains, including Mount Everest and also to the rugged and unexplored remote areas of the country. These routes vary widely in range of difficulties; one can choose the routes based on their adventurous state of mind and preparedness to face the challenges. The hike may range from relatively easy walks around the low altitude trails to adventurous hikes in the high altitude regions.

In Nepal two kinds of Nepal Hiking are usually popular; the first one is the single day hike which is completed within a day and the other one is multi day hike which is also known as trekking. Hiking in Nepal is not just about walking through the hills and mountains and seeing the panoramic view of snowcapped mountains, green hills, lush vegetation, cobalt blue lakes and descending rivers. It’s something more, something deeper, and something worth trying once. It is about getting acquainted with the rich culture and tradition of Nepalese people expressed through their art and crafts, shrines, temples, monasteries and monuments and getting overwhelmed by their hospitality and friendliness.

There are many places in Nepal which are famous as hiking destinations. Some of the places which can’t be missed at all to be referred for one or two days hikes are Sarangkot, Daman, Phulchoki, Nagarkot, Kakani, Dhulikhel, Dhampus, Tansen, Chisapani, Nagarjun, Pokhara, Gorkha and many others. These hiking trails take you right to the lap of nature away from the hectic and polluted life of the cities and send you back full of joy, enthusiasm and renewed energy.

Apart from the spectacular views and rich culture hiking has also health benefits for the travelers. Beside that one also gets an opportunity to know Nepal better by exploring the untouched terrains, remote villages and wild valleys.

Whether you are busy and want short escape from your busy schedule or you have enough time to indulge in the beauty of the nature, whether you want to get lost in the vast wildness or want to get dazzled with the magnificent snow capped peaks, you need not worry at all Nepal has large options of hiking trails for you to choose from.

So what are you waiting for!! Grab the rucksack and start walking

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