Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu TrekkingManaslu TrekkingManaslu Trekking
Manaslu Trekking
Manaslu Trekking
Manaslu Trekking

well-known trekking routes of Nepal Among the all Nepal Himalaya Range Manaslu Trekking is one of the best Trekking destination in Nepal. Being an 8156 meters high mountain, and the eighth highest peak in the world, this humble giant is sure to provide you with the thrill of a lifetime. Manaslu Mountain is situated between the border of Nepal and Tibet. The name of the mountain derives from the word “Manas” meaning “the spirit of the mountain” in Tibetan dialect. Surely the mountain is well-known for its strong deity that dwells within its snowy caps. If you are searching for the true Nepalese essence in your journeys through the wilderness of Nepal, Manaslu Region trek will surely provide you with the pristine views of the Himalayas and panoramic landscapes dotted in ancient Nepalese tradition.

If you heard the rumors about the most extreme mountain scenery, then Mount Manaslu is the place. In Manaslu treks, visitors are taken through snowy trails that showcase ancient monasteries that display the Buddhist culture of the people in the Himalayas. The trek circuit of Manaslu via the Larkya La pass is believed to be one of the most spectacular trekking routes of Nepal. Plan your adventur holidays to Mount Manaslu area with Nepal Trekking Operator Beside the Himalayan Treks even once in your life time but it is said (Once Is Not Enough For Nepal).

But everything spectacular comes at a price. Due to the high altitude of the trails, it is necessary that the trekkers be in pristine health conditions so that problems of altitude sickness may not arise during the expedition. Ensuring health and safety measures beforehand ensures the success of the trip. Health care in the area is rare and far reached, so there are no rooms for errors.

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