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Beside the Himalayan Treks & Expedition promises you a lifetime memories trip amidst natural and cultural beauties. Here you will find committed team member, world-class quality tailor-made service, closest co-operation and great company. Our expert trekking crews have more than a decade experience on trek leadership and well trained from government affiliate organization plus huge knowledge of culture, religion, flora & fauna and first aid etc. We ensure you get the crucial holiday experience that goes beyond your expectation. We are absolutely confident to bring outstanding service throughout your trip without obligation on your parts, it is guaranteed.

Geographically Nepal is small landlocked country, but with its wide-ranging terrain, diverse cultural and lifestyle model, snow-capped high Himalayas including top of the world; Mt Everest (8848m), we can say that Nepal is immeasurable and mysterious country. Nepal is truly a paradise for adventure, a perfect spot for ultimate holiday experience.

If you are looking for a holiday in Nepal or in Tibet or in Bhutan, we will have a trip for you that go with your personal preference and timeframe. So join us today and let us design your holiday. We have an immense pleasure to be on your service.

Minimal Impact:
We strongly believe that nature is the biggest asset. So we never undertake any activities that go against nature. Our crews are well-trained and aware of possible impact to environment due to the tolerant tourism adventures. So we release our duties very seriously toward protecting of nature. Especially for tented camping trek, we always use kerosene to cook and our rubbish is either well disposed or carries out all with us. This leaves minimal impact of our activities to nature.

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Do you need help to plan your travel? Don't hesitate to share us about your holiday type, preferences, interests and the amount of time available to you and we will design a suitable travel package for you.

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  • Client Reviews

    Kathmandu visit and trekking to Gokyo Ri

    Kathmandu visit and trekking to Gokyo Ri


    For our 3 week Nepal visit including 12 days trekking to Gokyo Ri everything (hotel, guesthouses, flights, permits, guiding) was perfectly organized. Sujan, owner of…[ more ]

    Eva Elisabeth, Germany
  • Travel Blog

    22 May

    Why Monsoon Season Is Best For Trekking In Nepal?

    Monsoon Season in Nepal starts from mid-June and ends at early September, the monsoon brings rain, humidity and an increase in temperatures to most of Nepal. True - mountain views are often obscured by cloud, temperatures get uncomfortable, and it rains daily. And yes, there are leeches. But thanks to…[ more ]

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